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China SiTeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd


China SiTeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. China's leading sensor and industrial electrical appliances product development, production and sales integration of the company, we have developed the process automation products. Sensor is an indispensable industrial automation and control of key components, is widely used in various fields of expertise, and can replace imported similar products. Widely exported to Vietnam, Taiwan, Turkey, India and other places, reliable quality, safety, performance excellence, and to provide users with comprehensive pre-sale and after-sales service.

Our company's existing products: Murata TCS tension sensor, TMT tension sensor, inductive sensor, Yarn cutter.Yarn broken wire  sensor.broken wire sensor, Dent broken wire sensor, speed sensor,wire winding switch,Hall sensor, pulse sensor,photoelectric sensor, Inductive sensors,proximity switches, 997 porcelain pieces, all kinds of chemical fiber porcelain pieces.

The company also produces relays, switching power supply, weft feeders, weft feeders, sensor controllers, elevator load cells, special detectors, amplifiers, imported textile machine parts, industrial modules, laser lamps, semiconductor lasers, thermocouples, electric heating Tubes, Connectors, Reflectors, Mounting Brackets, Platinum Resistors and Low Voltage Products. Suitable for all kinds of electronic appliances manufacturing and automation devices, I believe that SiTeng is the best electronic you always the best choice.


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